Royalty has historically dressed differently than you or I. Be it for reasons of showcasing wealth or power, differences in roles and duties or social stature, royal wardrobes have not always been accessible or desirable to emulate.

Modern times have changed not only the roles of female members of royal families, but their style as well. As Kerry Taylor once said about the impact of modern-day style icon Princess Diana: “Her influence meant that royals didn’t have to be dowdy. You didn’t have to wear pastel colors, a massive handbag, and hat. You could love fashion and look good.”

Royals around the world have embraced fashion as not only fashion lovers, but as a manner to employ sartorial diplomacy (wearing a brand from the local area you’re visiting as a nod to the culture, for example) and also to show the “down-to-earth” element of many sides of their lives. Royals now wear mass-market accessible brands alongside their bespoke couture. Trainers – and jeans – are an acceptable form of attire for certain engagements. Many style rules and so called “protocols” are out the window, ushering in a new era of royal style.

And while royal style may be more accessible today than ever before, it still may not be considered accessible to many of us – and even if it is, the pieces aren’t *always* available. When a royal wears a piece it can mean huge attention, sales and traffic to their websites or retail outfits, often resulting in sold out pieces within minutes. After Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, wore a bag by Strathberry, the brand shared that “within 11 minutes of photos surfacing, the handbag sold out.”  

So what is a royal lover to do to perfect their own royal closet? That’s where we come in. Your Royal Closet connects the ladies who picked up one of those coveted pieces, but no longer have a special spot for it, with someone who will enjoy and appreciate these pieces. We also showcase special finds inspired by your favourite royals that you can add to your royal closet – all while supporting the sustainable fashion industry, sharing your special finds with likeminded stylish women and growing your wardrobe in a budget-minded manner.

Your Royal Closet is the ultimate royal fashion lover destination for consignment pieces to create your own regal look, one piece at a time.

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