Your Royal Closet: Christine Ross

Your Royal Closet: Christine Ross

Many of you who have been in the royal watching world for several years will know Christine Ross. Christine is not only part of the team behind the scenes here at Your Royal Closet, but she is also the Editorial Director at Meghan’s Mirror, Kate’s Royal Closet (formerly What Would Kate Do?) and the Royal Home Style Blog.

Christine’s closet is seriously royally inspired, and we thought it would be the *perfect* candidate to kick off our new feature, where we officially peek into Royal Closets around the world and share not only some of their favorite pieces, but also allow Your Royal Closet to pass along some of their pieces to new closets and offer them for sale.

Christine has several pieces to share from her closet, each royally inspired. They all have special memories with her, but she’s passing them along to new owners on YRC. We have several amazing finds – including very rare pieces – that come from Christine’s closet now available on Your Royal Closet!


Several pieces from Christine's closet are now available!

If you’d like to have your closet featured as a future collection on Your Royal Closet, please let us know!

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