An Informal Introduction to Sartorial Diplomacy

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I first came across Jenna’s @megandcath Instagram account a few months ago and was completely taken aback by how thoroughly in depth her fashion reviews were. Let’s face it, there are a lot of Duchess fashion accounts out there! But this one was much different. She has a creative approach to reviewing diplomatic fashion but […]

Future Learn’s History of Royal Fashion Online Course

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Just yesterday I finished a 5-week long course with Future Learn, an online learning platform that has partnered with world-class universities and industry experts. The History of Royal Fashion course is brought to learners by The University of Glasgow and the Historic Royal Palaces. The course’s aim is to teach students about how the British […]

The Power of the Levée

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The practice of the levée was considered to be both sacred and powerful. This daily routine, which originated in France and was later adopted by King Charles II of England in 1672, started as the holy dressing of the monarch. Individuals who the King wanted to speak with or address were invited to be a […]

The History of the Duchess of Sussex’s Stacked Rings

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Alex, the creator and editor behind the rapidly growing @duchessmmgrace Instagram account, has been a fan of the British Royal Family for years. When the former Meghan Markle joined the family, Alex’s interest piqued and in early 2019 she created an account dedicated to all things Meghan, Duchess of Sussex. While her earlier posts focused […]

My Relationship with the Button-Up

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Button-ups (or are they called button-downs?) are staples in my closet. I have them in long-sleeve, short-sleeve and even sleeveless. The colors and styles are numerous too – white, black, pink striped, mint green, blue and white, and so on and so forth. And despite the fact that my closet is overflowing with them, I […]

Elegance & Working from Home

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Working from home is the new norm for the foreseeable future. While it may be fun to lounge in pajamas in the beginning (who doesn’t love a matching set?!), day after day we find that it can be a bit of a drudge. Luckily for us, the British Royal Family has shown us some styling […]