Button-ups (or are they called button-downs?) are staples in my closet. I have them in long-sleeve, short-sleeve and even sleeveless. The colors and styles are numerous too – white, black, pink striped, mint green, blue and white, and so on and so forth. And despite the fact that my closet is overflowing with them, I buy more. Because wearing a button up almost feels like an essential part of who I am now. Let’s reminisce together shall we?

The Time I Wore a Button-Up for an Important Meeting
At work, many of my meetings took place with the upper echelon of management. I don’t know about you but that can be quite intimidating. While appearance isn’t important in the grand scheme of life, it is important in how your colleagues see you. For me, I wanted to be seen as put together and precise – so I pressed out (and, yes, even starched!) my button-up before my big meeting. During this meeting, my boss kindly said to me, “You look like you could be a Congresswoman or Senator’s aide.” Such a fun compliment! Later, though, I thought to myself “Why a senator’s aide? Why not a Senator??”

Why a senator’s aide? Why not a Senator??

The Time I Thrifted a Button-Up in London
When I visited London for the first, and so far only, time, it was my mission to go thrifting at least once. I happened upon the Royal Trinity Hospice which I had been following on Instagram for months before my trip. While I was there sorting through the beautifully curated racks, I found a gorgeous cotton, striped button-up from Marks and Spencer. I realize that M&S is essentially the Macy’s of England but for me my goal was to find something that fit into my style, my closet and that was both quintessentially London and royal. This ticked all of the boxes.

The Time I Wore a Button-Up to Get Laid Off
Yes, you read that right. I was well-aware that a mass layoff was coming. Luckily for me, I had been saving and preparing for this moment for several weeks. When I received invitations to two conference calls back to back, I knew that this was the time. Instead of huddling up in my #workfromhome pajamas for what was poised to be a life-changing experience, I put on a button-up. This might sound absurd but it was a form of armor to me. It was a physical symbol of “I will be okay. I’m ready for this.”

So while I feel a small pang of guilt every time I purchase another button-up, I also feel a sense of joy. I really do love them. I love them for their look – may they be casual or crisp. I love them for their royal reference – as we all know they are Royally-approved by the Duchess of Sussex. Most of all, I love the way they make me feel, like a powerful woman ready to take on the world.

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Anne Klein Blue and White Striped ‘Déjavu Duchess’ NWT Button-Up Blouse Size L